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Bruce Hopkins
My friends gave me a surprise B'day party at Guston's. It was one of the best nights I've ever had. Many thanks to Bill, his chefs, his servers, and the excellent quality of food they prepared.'s casual! My favorite place to go. Many thanks for putting up with us.
P.S. My friends really loved the food and will drive out of their way to come back.
-Sincerely, Bruce Hopkins

Christian Roberts-Toys 4 Tots
On behalf of the Marine Corps league and the Marine Corps Reserve we would like to thank Billy and the entire staff of GUSTON'S for their donation of six box's of toys plus $3,601.00 in donations to the Toys 4 Toys annual campaign. Its fine folks like you that make all the hard work worth while when we get to see the happy Christmas faces of many of those kids when they get a new toy. Again..THANK YOU!!!!

Leigh and Mitch
When Guston's first opened we thought we would give it a try.....and it quickly became our favorite local hangout! Donnie, Bill, Ashley, James and Erin we just love y'all and thank you for being so wonderful to us over the past few years! For those of you who haven't been to Guston's should definitely go and see what you have been missing out on!! The food is fabulous and priced right for the good sized portions....and the staff make you feel like family!

Jose Viteri
Great place to eat and have a couple of brews. Drinks are not expensive. The bar staff is friendly and attentive. Even though they were busy I never had to ask/wait for another drink; they kept them coming. I lost my debit card there. The bartender found it and kept if for me. Thank you :-) - Jose

Shelia McGrath
Just wanted to say that your fish and chips is always moist. I tell everyone that the grouper is great at Gustons. Keep up the good work! The web site is visually appealing and easily navigated. I like the fact that your location is posted in huge font. Many web sites make finding the location a guessing game which seems to defeat the purpose.

Hello everyone, just wanted to sign in to the guestbook, thanks :)

Brian & Lorri
We love Guston's! You cann't beat the quality, value and selection of food. We love Donnie and Bill, who always go out of their way to make sure everything is great! Lots of fun with nightly activites too. Wishing you guys great success with the second location!

Had fun Saturday night... Excited about the new location

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Elizabeth Perri
I hear from friends your food is the bomb!
St Catherine of Singles Ministry is coming Friday!W

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I am excited to have such a fun place in the neighborhood. I had the burger and fries last night and they were delicious. Looking forward to many happy times here.

Great addition to Woodstock!!

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Incredible such a beneficial website.

Lars n Joyce Keller
Guston's Wade green regulars. The new Guston's is just up the road from my office. plan on using both locations. Great place.

Stephen Poynor
Hey, you've got Cobbs best talent at 92, LB and SUZY, their the best !

Great place! Excellent food and beverage. Its nice to have a neighborhood water hole again!

Went to the location off hey 92. I had the blackened steak with pene pasta, alphredo sauce, topped with parmeasan. It was heaven! Can't wait to try something new today

Was there last night with friends at the bar. That girl Lori can sure sing! Wish I could have stayed longer.

Lori Linden
I'm so proud to be part of the Guston's Family. I'm there singing on Wed. nights (ladies night) in Woodstock and I love the crowd (and especially the regulars). Congrats to the opening!!!

Gabe and Nancy
Love the place in Woodstock! We're hooked!

Betsy Jacobs
Great time there this evening (Woodstock location). Food very good and our server, Christina, was excellent. We'll be back!

Kat,Joe and Georgie
Thanks to Bill and Don and all the crew atvGustons who continually serve the best food in town at a good price and treat their customers like neighbors.
Georgie turned 92 the other day and we enjoyed a fantastic monday special the prime rib. She was very touched that you remembered her birthday! You have our loyalty and always will. God bless and good luck.

We have been such satisfied customers from the Kennesaw restaurant,which we frequented every week.Now this one is right down the street from me makes it sort of impossable to cook at home. The food is fresh,tasty and always consistant. Ashley is our favorite bar tender,remembers everything we like. good luck and good fortune to Bill and Don.

Our first 2 experiences at the Woodstock location were not exactly positive ones. However, we gave them another chance and are now frequent diners. We dine here 3-5 times a week and always look forward to the varied menu choices. The jumbo wings are exceptional!

This is my new favorite place to hang out in Woodstock! The food and drinks are music every Fri. smoking inside...friendly wait staff...we have been there twice (first time was on Halloween) and it's always packed! I am not surprised...I will be back often and will bring my friends!

Best food you will find in Georgia at the best price

Great time last night I liked the band too Wish I could have stayed longer Had to work the next morning Your bar is the best thing to happen in Woodstock for a long time Keep up the good work!

Tracy M Robinette
Great place to be! Friendly, fun atmosphere with delicious food and wonderful staff! I highly recommend for everyone to give Gustons a try!!

Mike Harris
Guston's has a great menu along with their daily specials I have eaten at both locations many times in the past and have found that the food is prepared well and tastes great at both restaurants My only negative comment is that they need to fix the steps at the Wadegreen location as they are hard to see in the dark and present a hazard to customers going to the restroom

wayne & aido merriman
Thanks Matt Campbell for the great service, That Johnny cash burger was awesome, my *yr old son is a wing fanatic as now has a new favorite bbq wing restaurant Gustan's @ woodstock ga! Thanks for making our night a great one

kat conlin
please everyone write a fair review for all the petty stuff on google for the restaurant I think I just did! Not sure it went thru! But heres a sout out for Bill donnie and everyone there! Joe and I are always happy and comfortable with every visit! There are some crazy comments written as a review! Help us out here with the naysayers and boost the rating to where it shoud be! Thanks! Kat.

First time I have been out in awhile so I took my friends up on going to Guston's, I got to tell you that I had a great time good people, great atmosphere, great food, excellent prices, this will be my home away from home

Kurt Siegenthaler
Gustons is the best Awesome staff, great food!!!

Liz Jakob
I have been a patron of this fine eatery for two years Bill and Donny are the best They always make you feel you are family My chapter The Hip Hotties of Hattitude hosted a Royal Queens Council of North Georgia at the Kennesaw location and it was fantastic Tuesday nights for ladies nights is the best The food is always wonderful My compliments to the chef and the staff Try it you will love it Great family place also

Gabe Buckler
Guston's is THE place! We've been frequenting the store in Woodstock since the day after it opened Awesome owners, very friendly and attentive staff, good food and friendly clientele Keep up the outstanding work! Nancy and Gabe here

Ron & Terri G
Great place great people great food Love the burger specials

kat kitchens
we love this place and take our friends there every time we can

Lisa Mann
we love Guston's , great food and lots of fun, but we especially love it when The Rockasaurus guys are playing up there, fun band and a great sound, so I guess we will see you this Saturday night

MaryJo Geib
My friends and I go for the Bingo every Tuesday night. The live music is amazing! Such a fun atmosphere and very family friendly. The staff is wonderful. Love it! One of the best places around.

stefi stone
I am hoping this gets to Donnie I have been a long standing fan of your music room since you opened( I even go to Kennesaw ) I am requesting a band and I hope you listen to your customers. . The same bands always seem to Be at Gustons ( even if I try and escape to Kennesaw , same bands) I would request that you bring in The Rockasaurus Band. They are a great band, I have seen them at many places and have been to several weddings and parties where they have played, even my cousins wedding a few months ago. They are fun, they are different and they make us dance and enjoy ourselves and DANCE . I have a group that always comes but they don't like to come anymore to hear the same bands, we are even hiring Rockasaurus for a pool party at our annual Chastain Night this September. I ( and many others) live about 12 minutes away and would love not to have to travel all the time to see this band when I can see them at GUSTONS. We always come for dinner and we always have a reasonably large check at the end of the night. The band is perfect for Gustons. I have nothing to do with them except like what they do and after seeing several bands in the music room, over and over again, this band will be a great addition. They play everything and it always is a good time and the woman that sings is FANTASTIC. I hope you listen because we are going to other places, like Houcks in Roswell to get better entertainment I hope you pay attention to your customers. On the nights you have a smaller crowd , its the band(my opinion) Try this band, you'll thank me Stefie Stone

Janet Paez
Gustons is the place to be. It's is our go to place every time we want to go out. The staff is aw some th food is great. The music is versatile. We love it. There is something to be said when the owner come to you table with your lunch order. Love this place. So glad they came to our area. Looking forward to meeting many more wonderful people there. Gustons You Rock!!!

My Friends and I used to Love going here! Till the "owner" Kicked us out for not paying enough money. I'm sorry but I'm not going to buy a $2.00 Soda, $8.00 Appetizer, and a $10.00 entree, and dessert EVERY Night I go!! Sometimes a drink is enough! and I will not be talked down by someone For not being able to pay what They Think someone one should pay in total! and If you don't want people Using coupons on meals Don't offer them at bingo! Don't give out 10$ game vouchers! If you are struggling with money. And Don't scare way people who Are bring you money Regardless of the amount. I tip $3.00 because the waitress service is never worth more they are always socializing and when asked to come over for a favor give us attitude! If they think they're gonna get a big tip from someone they need to learn some respect before expecting their tips to rise. If a waitress is On top of things, Gets us what we need and is friendly Then the tip will reflect that! Its not just us who tip this way most people do! And Again I will not tip well for crappy service!

Debbie Lewis
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Rick Fussell
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Diane Carter
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Penny Bray
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Eddy & Cindy M.
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Richard Ramsey
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Marcus Jack
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Shawn Michael Delaney
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